Cabin Fever

by Darkwoods

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Recorded by Ryan Stack @ Format Audio.

Special Thanks to Ryan, OJ, and Dave for guest vocals.


released July 20, 2011



all rights reserved


Darkwoods Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Descent
I push it further, further away
This sentence for life but there's nothing I can say
I'll test my might
I'll put up a fight
In this forsaken place that has no light
There is nothing left but the hate in my heart
Track Name: Horror
Running away from the demons in my mind
Visions of the horrors dealt by all of mankind
I don't know what I've done to feel this pain
Only thing that I know I'm going insane
I see the devil getting closer again
Track Name: Bastard
Kicked down, pushed down, forced down, let down
Slipped up, dug up, brought up, fucked up
Though of the way I've been brought up
It's clear that I'm forever fucked up

Scent of booze goes up my nose
Strike of fear goes through my bones
Grip of evil is getting tight
Over and over every night

Words don't matter anymore
I'm taking back what I came for
One path chosen is another path lost
I paid my dues I dealt the cards
Track Name: Prisoner
It's been too long since I've seen the sun
I don't know who I have become
I've lost touch with everyone I know
I've lost touch with myself long ago


I've grown unfamiliar with the outside world
If I get out of here alive, there's no hope fucking left for me
Track Name: Deprivation
The devil's grip is getting too tight
I'm tearing out my eyes just to sleep at night

No one ever knows what happens inside
This cold fucking empty mind
I spend my days hurting my head
I spend my nights lying awake in bed

It's been days and months since I've slept
This life I can never accept

Toss and turn and fucking burn
My mind is in a fucking urn
Track Name: Hole in the Wall
What the fuck does she see in you
But an angry little kid and a lonely fool
We welcomed you here, in our home
But I knew we should have left you all alone
What makes you think you can push me around
If i ever had my way I'd make you meet the ground
Nothing but pathetic, my words never end
It's sad how that bottle is your only friend

Times like this make me want to run
And times like this make me wish I had a gun
Track Name: Ruined
It's plain to see
That I am history
I am nothing
But a fucking curse
Track Name: Stranger
I'm a stranger to my own home
To draw attention I'd break a fucking bone

I don't wanna be the only one that feels like they're alone
I don't wanna be the only son that feels like they're a clone
I don't wanna live like the rest of this town
And one thing's for sure I must get out now
Track Name: Fever
I've been surrounded by these walls for too long
I've been told this is where I belong

I close my eyes I see everything I need to create
Something takes a hold I get a sudden urge to kill everything I hate

It's been too long since I've seen the sun
I don't know who I have become